Guys are Literally Literal

As the HH and I near our fourth anniversary, I’m reminded of how earnestly literal guys can be.

One year as Valentine’s Day approached, the HH asked me what I wanted as my gift.

I was glad he asked because I had something very specific in mind.

So I answered his question, telling him that I wanted a silver charm bracelet, so that I could collect charms representing our life together.

Weeks later, as we prepared to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, I saw the recognizable gift wrap, and knew that my charm bracelet had arrived!

But when I opened my gift, I was surprised to see that he had bought my charm bracelet--without any charms.

Of course, the whole point of a charm bracelet is to add charms as you go, but I thought he’d at least buy one to get me started--maybe a heart for Valentine’s Day.

But then I realized that I never said a charm bracelet AND a charm. I just asked for a charm bracelet, and that’s exactly what he got.

He had taken my gift request so adorably literal, that I never let on that I was little surprised there was no charm on the bracelet, and I proudly wore it the next day.

Since then, he’s added a wedding charm to mark our third anniversary, a dog charm for our fur baby, Skipper, and a sewing machine charm for my completion of the Project Make sewing class. I added a dolphin to represent the dolphins we saw while sailing in Belize.

I can’t wait to fill up my charm bracelet with lots of memories.

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