Muffin Top No More

Even the skinniest of girls can fall victim to the "muffin-top" effect when wearing a too-tight clothing. (As you can see with Ms. Spears in the picture.)

But as my friend, the PolkaDot chick, showed me, there is an easy way to
smooth your tummy with something you probably already have in your closet.

Simply slip on a tank top or cami under your top to smooth out your stomach and hide the crease from your belly button.

You can even tuck the cami into your pants, so that it doesn't show.

It's important to buy clothes that fit properly, but this is a great trick if you're carrying a couple of extra pounds or are bloated. Cheap and easy.

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  1. I've used this trcik with a tight t-shirt that sometimes fits and sometimes doesn't (you know how that goes) and it is great!