Meat Eaters Delight

Where does an aspiring vegetarian take her meat-loving husband to dinner for his birthday?

Three words: Fogo de Chao. (pronounced “shawn” not “chow.”)

A few weeks ago, the Happy Husband (HH) said, “I just wanna not eat for like four days, then gorge myself at Fogo de Chao.”

Of course, I offered take him there for his birthday.

He loves all-you-can-eat restaurants. I often joke that he doesn’t want to eat anywhere that doesn’t have a sneeze guard.

But if you like meat, there’s no greater carnivorous treat than Fogo de Chao.

The HH was in heaven. The service is excellent, and each time the waiters came by with a different cut of meat, his eyes sparkled with blood-thirsty desire.

And a marathon of feasting it was.

We ordered Caipirinhas (a traditional Brazilian cocktail) to sip before heading over to fill our plates at the salad bar. We ate about a dozen of the tiny rolls that are like eating bits of a buttery cloud, then on to the meat. Lots o’ meat.

The nice waitress even surprised the HH with a piece of cake.

So, did he have a happy birthday?

Let’s just say this, when we got in the car to go home, he leaned the passenger’s seat chair back saying, “Ugh. Make room for the meat.”

He then groaned, “Now I know how a python feels after eating a giraffe.”

I believe he was a happy customer. And thought it was a nice dining experience as well.

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