I Wish I'd Registered for a Punch Bowl

Okay, it's not something you'll use everyday, but Brides, I tell you; don't forget to register for a punch bowl.

I know it may seem like an antiquated idea, but when all your friends get married/pregnant and you start throwing showers, you're going to need it.

Luckily, last Christmas, my mom gave me a pretty, vintage punch bowl that I can't wait to use it with this recipe:

Wine Punch Recipe

(When you make this, give it a fun name to fit the theme of the party, like "blushing bride punch.")
  • 1 part fruit punch
  • 1 part White Zinfandel
Serve this in your punch bowl with frozen fruit. Simply, pour fruit punch into a glass about 2 inches deep, toss in some raspberries or a lemon or lime slice, and freeze. Then run the glass under warm water to release the ice, and drop it into the punch bowl for pretty garnish. Plus, it keeps the punch cool. Make two or three. Happy hostessing!

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