What's Your Best Price?

Did you know that four simple words can save you money: what's your best price.

That's the thing about the current economic environment. Even retailers are willing to cut you a deal, if you ask.

My dad is the king at this. He can wheel and deal to finagle the best price out of anyone, most recently the store manager at Bed Bath and Beyond. The box was a little banged up, so he asked for a discount. And he got it.

Granted, you might have the store clerk rolling their eyes at you, but who cares? You deserve a fair deal--no, a better than fair deal.

So, the next time find a flaw in something you like, but want to buy it anyway, ask for their best price. If the clerk tells you they can't, ask her to ask the manager. They'll usually say yes.

And it doesn't just apply to shopping. Negotiating is an important in your career as well.

They say that the reason the women typically get paid less than men is not because of the glass ceiling. It's simply because we don't ask for more. I believe it, and it pisses me off.

Always be fair, but never sell yourself short. For more on how to negotiate, see this article.

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