Swirl, Tap & Buff for Less

A girl can't live without make up.

So when, I ran out of concealer, foundation, bronzer and mineral veil all at the same time, I knew I needed to act fast.

Only I wore Bare Escentuals, and buying what I needed was going to cost more than $100. And I was out of fun money for the month.

So, I decided to try the next best thing, which was the drug-store version of mineral make up: L'Oreal Bare Naturale.

It took me two trips to Ulta to get the right shade. (Fortunately, Ulta takes returns.) But once I did, I was pleasantly surprised! It worked just a well, and was half the price.

The only drawback is that the brush is built in to the lid, so when you dip the brush directly into the jar, too much powder gets on your brush.

To solve this problem, I used an old lid from one of my Bare Escentual jars, to tap the powder out, then I used my original brushes to buff it on to my face.

It was well worth it to me, because I love saving money in places where no one can tell!


  1. Great idea. However, I would say that make-up costs should not be averaged into fun money, but necessities.

  2. So true. Definitely necessities. Anyone who's ever seen me without concealer would agree!