Biggest Waste of Paper--EVER

In this day 'n' age is there a bigger waste of paper (and trees for that matter) than phone books? I argue "no."

These big, heavy books exemplify the waste of days gone by. And I don't like being reminded.

Every time I get a yellow-paged, cluttertastic waste-of-space dropped at my door, I shake my head as I drop it into the recycling bin.

Except for today.

Today, I decided that I wanted my address this piece of junk head on, and tell AT&T that I want my address off their list.

And that's where my adventure began.

AT&T has created the perfect system for avoiding these calls. It's the cul de sac of corporate avoidance. They are well practiced in this area.

(To be fair, their profits depend on the wide reach of their distribution. But it's only ethical to allow people to easily remove their names from the list.)

First, I went online, and sent a message--which I'm sure will go directly into the "trash folder" of some inbox that no one checks.

After calls to at least four different numbers and enough runaround that would make AT&T proud, I finally reached their distributor, DBA, who took my information to remove me from the list.

To stop receiving AT&T Yellow Pages, call (800) 792-2665.

I'm not completely confident that I won't trip over a phone book at my door in another six months, but it's worth a try.

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  1. I agree with your post!!!

    and thanks for your lovely comment about my watercolors :)