Is it okay to wear white to a wedding?

Here’s what’s up. I’ve got two weddings coming up, and I wanted to buy something special to wear.

Being a recessionista, I thought it would be best to buy one dress that I could wear to both. (The crowds of friends are different, so no one will know the difference.)
After watching an episode of the Real Housewives of NYC, I loved Jill’s white dress with chunky turquoise jewelry. I thought I could recreate the look on a recessionista’s budget.

My mom has amassed an admirable collection of vintage turquoise, so I knew I had the accessories covered.

Then, I found this classic white dress at Banana Republic (although the length was longer on me since I lack supermodel height), and I loved it --especially the pleating around the neckline.

But doubts started creeping up in the back of my mind; what if people think I’m trying to upstage the bride? Eeeeek! I imagined catty people whispering snidely about my wedding faux pas.

Despite one of the brides’ insistence that she did not mind me wearing white on her day, I decided to go with my gut, and return the dress.

Instead I got this silk, navy blue dress which will look just as nice with the turquoise baubles.

What do you think? Is it okay to wear white to a wedding?


  1. well, being the bride that insisted it was ok... i definitely think it is! but i think its a good idea to check with the bride before, because you never know with some girls...
    but i LOVE the navy blue dress too. it will look awesome with the turquoise!

  2. You know what's funny? My Mom and people of our country think it's totally faux pas to wear black to a wedding. They say that is only appropriate for funerals. Funny bc most people in the USA wear black to weddings... Cute blue dress - you will look fabulicous!