As I explained in yesterday's blog, the HH loves saving money.

One of his slickest tricks is comparing offers for electric companies and switching our providers to get the best deal.

Thepowertochoose.org, is an excellent Web site to help Texans review and compare energy plans.
Here are some of the HH's suggestions on how to be a savvy switcher:

1. If you're currently on a month-to-month plan, check the site every three months to check for new offers. If you don't know what your plan is, then this is likely what you have.

2. If you're currently locked in to a six or 12-month contract, beware of penalties for switching too soon.

3. Allow 30 days to switch from one provider to the next. This gives plenty of notice to your old and new providers, and can help you avoid a household black out.

4. Watch out for metering fees; some have them, some don't.

5. Right now, $.09/kilowatt hour is inexpensive. If you find a good deal, signing a six or 12-month contract locks in the rate can, and can protect you from rate hikes.

The best way to save on electricity is to go green, limit your use, and make your home energy efficient.

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