Recessionistas Shop at Nordstrom Rack

I think I heard angels singing when I learned that a Nordstrom Rack was opening within a mile of my work.

If you prefer designer jeans, Nordstrom Rack should be your first destination: Joe's $79; Seven for all Mankind $100; and Rock & Republic $109

Here's the catch; all of the jeans are rediculously long. Now, that's great if you are long 'n' leggy like my BFF at work, but for the rest of us, that means you should get a good tailor.

If you're a craftress, you can hem them yourself, like I did, using the original hem.

Also, I saw a really cute navy Theory shift dress for $80 something and a fabulosly gaudy nautical-themed cuff bracelet by Betsy Johnson for $35, which was later purchased by one of my friends. Fortunately, she says "finders rights" means I can borrow it.

Gotta loooooove Nordstrom Rack!

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