The “Fashionista” Becomes the “Recessionista”

“Recessionista,” as I recently read in Harpers Bazaar, is the “fashionista” forced to budget in the current recession. And to that I say: BRING IT ON.

No big, bad recession is going to keep me from looking cute. I mean, that’s why God made stores like Forever 21!

We’ll just have to be more, shall I say, resourceful. Here are some ideas:

Take an inventory of what you have. Project Runway mentor and my personal hero, Tim Gunn says these are the essentials for any wardrobe:

1. Basic black dress (Something you can wear to the office holiday party or a wedding.)
2. Trench coat (Consider vintage. These have been around forever, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one.)
3. Dress pants (I suggest black or charcoal.)
4. Classic shirt (Think white button down.)
5. Jeans (One pair to wear with heels, another to wear with flats.)
6. Any occasion top. (I love the Gap white Favorite T. You can wear it anywhere with the right accessories.)
7. Skirt (Should not be shorter than right above the knee or longer than the bottom of your knee.)
8. Day dress (A wrap dress is a great option. It never goes out of style. Thank you, DVF! )
9. Jacket (A classic blazer will get you through a lot of occasions.)
10. Sweatsuit alternative (Those awful velour track suits are not a good option. Find something else.)
*Bonus: Trendy item. (I suggest some type of accessory.)

Mix it up with accessories. There is no end to the way you can change an outfit simply with the accessories. Plus, it can be an inexpensive indulgence at the right store.

Mend and repair. Don’t just throw something out because it’s out of style. Even though Capri pants are way past their prime, take them to a tailor and have them made into shorts. Shoes can also be repaired by replacing the heel or having them polished. Although if something is truly past its prime, don’t feel bad donating or tossing it.

Don’t forget you can get a
tax credit for donating clothes.

Buy vintage. Or “second hand” if you must call it that. You might have to do a little digging, but there are some worthwhile finds at thrift stores or eclectic vintage shops.

Clothes swap. Throw a party and invite your girlfriends bring something they are willing to part with for a trade.

Take care. Not everything has to be washed every time you wear it. Use your best judgment here. But less washing is less wear ‘n’ tear. I’m just sayin’!

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