The Charmed Life is ...

…graceful living with style–the epitome of the chic, modern woman.

Creative, stylish, socially aware, and resourceful, we are the perfect combination of our mothers and grandmothers. Through our independence we aren’t afraid to stand up for ourselves, but we can also bake up a scrumptious batch of home-made goodness.

We have a career on the rise, fulfilling relationships, can change a tire, and delicately sew on a button. And we do it all with style.

We consider how our actions, however small, may impact others, whether it’s giving a stranger a helping hand, a random act of kindness, or a fundraiser for a crisis in a land far away.

Our lifestyle is not about thoughtless excess. It’s about taking what you have and giving it a fabulous flair. And occasionally investing in a few savvy splurges. After all, we have excellent taste.

We know the world is counting on us make a difference. This blog is for us.

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