Sewing’s Not Just for Grandma

If you’re going to have a stylish life without spending too much, sewing is a necessity. Why? Because you can give your home a Horchow look on a Tuesday Morning budget.

And there are places where you can learn to make trendy things you’ll actually like. I took the Project Make class at
Make in Dallas. The class is inspired by Project Runway, and it did a lot for helping to increase my confidence in taking on new projects.

I also worked from the book
Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. This book is great for beginners because it starts with learning the parts of the machine and ends with patterns and projects for different skill levels. The projects are very cute, too. They include pillows, skirts, curtains, pajama pants, and more. The author, Diana Rupp is the founder of Make Workshop in NYC, which is another great place to learn.

So, channel your inner craftress and city girl resourcefulness to create something beautiful with needle and thread.


  1. I've taken the beginning sewing classes at Make and really enjoyed them. They do a great job showing you how to decipher patterns and work sewing machines - both were so intimidating before I took a class!

  2. They have great classes for beginners. I want to take the hand embroidery class next.